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lee jieun aka the love of my life (14/∞)

lee jieun aka the love of my life (14/)

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random gifs of f(x)’s krystal for anonymous.

"To my precious unnies…" — Seohyun’s letter to her unnies

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blosson island

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From the moment Taeyeon entered the airport, she was constantly looking around before she spotted fans on the left side of the entrance. She approached them and started to speak to them. 

She said she was sorry to fans, and that despite of what she has to say, at the company she is being held back from doing so (I think, in order to protect her). She is really apologetic for this situation in which she can’t say anything. She said she’s going to create a space where they can all meet together, so please just wait a while… she said to please make sure to convey to the waiting fans that she is really sorry. There are so many things and apologies that she wants to say.

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when a fan calls out her name

when a fan calls out her name

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